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Chris Meeker (bass, vocals)

photo by Linda Michele-Dobel

To say that Chris is a life long YES fan would be an understatement. With older siblings spinning records throughout the early and mid 70s, Chrisí childhood was set to the music that constantly flowed through his home in Madison, NJ. His indoctrination into the world of progressive rock came at a very early age as the latest offerings by the likes of Yes, ELP, Jethro Tull, and Genesis permeated the atmosphere with Yes being his immediate favorite. Being raised in a musical family, Chris sang in choirs from the age of 6 and took lessons variously on piano, saxophone, guitar, and acoustic and electric bass.

With the music of Yes as his prime mover and artistic inspiration, after high school Chris went on to study the guitar at the Berklee School of Music. Upon completion of his work in Boston, Chris went on to study music composition at Indiana State University where he focused on acoustic bass. Since moving to Rochester in 1998, Chris helped form original prog band Mind Sky playing Chapman Stick and composing material for their self titled CD. Following that project, Chris spent close to five years in The Waiting Room, a Peter Gabriel/Genesis tribute band, playing bass, Chapman Stick, 12 string guitars, and bass pedals. With Going for the One heís come full circle, performing the music that inspired his musical journey in the first place.

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