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Jimmy Warlick (lead vocals)


When people ask me what I do, I tell them "I'm a professional wandering minstrel."  On stage interacting with my fellow minstrels, and the wonderful people who stay to listen, is the time when I feel most connected and alive.  When the energy's right and we're all in sync with each other, it must be that ecstasy-in-the-loss-of-the-ego the Sufi whirling dervishes experience, when everything's one.  It's an intimate moment with a hundred of your best friends all grooving at once on the same thing, giving and receiving.

I started out listening to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but then branched out to funky soul, like Sly and the Family Stone (thanks to my sister), Marvin Gaye and Al Green, and then to the Police and U2. As much as I wanted to sing like Otis Redding, genetics left me with the "boy soprano range," so I think I gravitated towards singing in the higher register, like Robert Plant and Sting.  But I'm influenced by everything I hear.  My folks would wake me up on Sunday mornings with Maria Callas belting Carmen, and maybe that's why I have a fondness for exotic minor melodies.  And that may also be why I look for dramatic execution.  You can't just play by going through the motions. Music is more than an exercise.  You do that at first, but then you've got to inhabit the chords, the melody, the rhythm and the organic whole they become when brought together.  You have to live inside AND outside the music.  It's all about being one.  It's always about being one.  Everything is everything.

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