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Mark Annal (drums)


I grew up in London in the United Kingdom, where my dad was a bass player working the Jazz and Top 40 circuits. I grew up around musicians and constantly hung around at gigs as a kid, so I learned the skills needed to function as part of a working band from an early age.

Although I grew up around Jazz musicians, The Beatles became my first influence, since my mother had all of their singles and albums. During my teen years, there was a huge Ska scene in the UK with thumping bass and drum lines pounding out of every pub and club. Ska and Reggae remain my favorite musical styles and I love playing songs that have a "get down to business" bass and drum line. The Dutch Jazz/Rock band Focus were a major influence on my style of drumming as I was starting out playing. 

As soon as I had a drivers license, I began gigging. At first there were a lot of one nighters as a fill-in drummer around London, kind of like band boot camp! As my name got known, I became the regular drummer in various cover and original bands. These ranged from Indie, New Wave and Ska through Blues, Country, Top 40, and even some Rock/Metal here and there.

Since moving to the US, I have played Blues, Funk, R&B, Modern Country, and currently with a Police tribute band, Driven to Tears. Now I've taken on the challenging arrangements of Progressive Rock, playing for the Yes tribute band, Going for the One.

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